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Welcome To My  Ghostly Spirit Pics website
and don't forget to visit Love Poems by Ron for some romantic reading and a few ghost pics and stories!
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Our so called Ghost are photographed in many diferent forms!

Most pics you take turn up what are known as orbs which look like little bubble balls  or balls of light but they have been known to be very large too!


Let me just add that Spirits don't care to be called ghosts! They are just as I said Spirits and Souls! Let me tell you a little about how I became involved in the paranormal. Ever since I was young I knew there was something "Special" about myself.I could always see and hear things that others could not. Then in the early nineties things started to happen around me that I couldn't exsplain.Such as various items in the house would move on their own accord when I woud exit a room.Then me and my ex-wife started hearing voices late at night and even recorded a little girls voice one night asking"Where's my Barbie doll"...You can read more on page (2) two 

Most of the pics are on page 3 and 4 stories start on page 2

An example of an orb

is to the right here

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notice how they seem to be on the go!


This pic was taken at an old cemetary just outside a ghost town in Oklahoma known as "Old SantaFe"

Have a Ghost Pic or Story you want to share with us? Just email it to me and I will post it for you with or without your name attached to it according to what you choose!

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