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I am going to keep this page all pics so I can share stories elsewhere on the site!
You might want to take time out to let Page four (4) load as it is also loaded with pics
and it take's awhile to load but it's worth it! The no right click is off on it and the pics
are a lot more interesting! So feel free to take them!
PUBLIC NOTICE: The contents of this entire website is Copyrighted by Ron D.Marcus
Ownership of copyright dated June 08, 2005

Most of these Pics will be orbs but some are entities and some what they call ectoplasm!

notice the guy behind the girl on the left!
there's another one on the roof above the window!

here's a close up...looks like he's been hung to me!

an orb at the cemetary by my house!

I have no idea but he was beside my bed one night!

ectoplasm on bottom right taken in my bedroom!

more ectoplasm upper right

notice the orb by the bed

take note of the figure in the window of this old school house!

notice the orb in front of the tree

here you see a little girl figure carring a doll

this guy was looking at me thru a turned off TV
Notice his beard extends out past the screen!
He sort of freaked me out!

Santa's grave didn't show any signs of ghost so maybe he lives on!
I just hope this kid gets over seeing the head stone!

notice the image in my monitor in the upper right middle.
It resembles my Dad who passed away in my house July of 2004!

Another orb from the cemetary by the house!
Sunny Lane Cemetary

orbs on the road by the Old SantaFe Cemetary!

here's an orb pic taken where the old ghost town of Santa Fe stood!

Notice the image across the street to the left of my Beautiful ex-wifes shoulder
It looks like a little girl to me

two more orbs on the go at Old SantaFe Cemetary

this was the very first ghost pic I took many years ago!

notice the orb behind my nieces leg (in red pants)
taken Christmas 2004


this site started June 08 2005