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Notice the skeletal outline on this guy!

I am going to add quite a bit of story on this page because page (3) three is loaded with pics and it will take awhile to load so you might want to click the link and have it open in a new window!Click here and Page 3 will open in a new window.
Page four (4) is also loaded with pics so it will take awhile to load but it's worth it!

As a child I had these three spirits that would come around me and keep me company at times , they would play games with me . I can remember them walking thru walls and flying thru the air , they always told me that I was special. Later in life when ever my parents moved into a new house these friends no longer would come around to play with me,Mom told me that they weren't real but now I know better than that.

Now I didn't have contact with any spirits again until I was in my mid twenties. At this time in my life I was

depressed and spending time alone most of the time . My marriage was suffering ( I was married at age eighteen ) and I would spend all my time in the garage tinkering with things , always working on something just to stay out of the house away from my wife Teri. On this one perticular day I was out in the garage thinking about suicide, not actually thinking of doing it ,but just thinking about the act and the best way to do it. Well I guess I got somethings attention because when I turned around I saw this black guy in his young teens standing there looking at me and before I could ask him what he wanted he spoke and said " I am going after help". Well as I stared at him he just faded away as fast as he come in ,my first thought was I was hallucinating then he returned with another one that I could only hear and not see. Well these two assured me that suicide was not the answer to any of my problems. Now here I am standing there scared half to death by them and they are talking to me about something I was only thinking about. I had no intention of killing myself I was only thinking about why people would do it.

These two talked to me about dying and said that I had so much to live for, well still scared and confused as to whether or not I was having a nervous break down I listen to what they had to say. The next thing I know the one that I couldn't see said he wanted to show me something , with that I felt cold chills go thru my body then it was like I was having a wide awake dream. He showed me a movie inside my head as to what things might be like if I were to go on living . I remember one thing very well in that movie dream and it was a motor home he showed me. I must admot I am in the process of buying one right  now so it did come  true! I tell you that was a good way to cheer me up after that my life seemed to get better for a while anyway.These two spirits would come by and check on me every day for about three weeks, then they quit comming around as fast as they had started!

I might add here at the beginning that I have lived with in a mile or two of this one certain cemetary ever since my parents moved when I was a young child. I don't know if that has anything to do with what goes on in my life or not .

My next encounter with the unknown comes when I rent this old run down house on five acres just two miles away from that same cemetary. I agree to renovate this house in exchange for rent, well from day one I would get this uneasy feeling everytime I would enter the house. The first thing that occurred there was when I was patching a hole in the master bedroom. I was working the plaster before it dried on me and I felt this tapping on my right shoulder. Well this tapping turned into a hitting and got very painful, I turned around to tell my wife to stop hitting me and no one was there. I went into the kitchen where she was painting and asked her if she came in the other room and tried to get my attention , she said no. I proceed to tell her what happened and she said it was probably just a mucle spasm, well I never had a mucle spasm leave marks on my back , but anything is possible I guessed at the time.

Several monthes of renovating go by and finally the work was done it was time to move in. The first night there went ok I guess just the usual new place to live anxiaty,but the second night when I got up to use the bathroom I could hear a little girl giggling . This went on night after night with me trying to find the source of this little girl I was hearing. One day when our cat was acting peculiar like someone was chasing it

the house I come up with this ideal . I told my wife we would borrow some tape recorders and later that night we set them up around the house . The next morning we listen to them to see if they picked up anything ,one of them had picked up the voice of a little girl that sounded to be five or six years old saying " I want my barbie doll"

After discovering this I go out and buy an ouiji board thinking that if I can cummincate with this little girl I can send her to the place where she belongs . We tried several attempts to make contact with her but each time the penduliam would start move one of us would get scared we wouldn't go thru with it . We give up on trying to contact her, besides I didn't think she would hurt the cat if she were to catch it anyway. Evidently though using that ouiji board caused a new problem because after that when I would get upset over something things would fly across the room , mainly it was something light. The first incident was a bottle of aspirin slammed against the wall when I was upset with my wife , another time it was a bottle of pain pills, it wasn't untill the third incident that I made the connection between my emotional state of mind and what was happening. Was I some how doing this with my mind I thought , after that I tried my best not to get upset over things and that seemed to help matters.

One morning Teri gets out of bed and goes to the kitchen , well she is stopped in her tracks by the site of this elderly gentleman standing in the doorway to the kitchen, she said he was dressed in what appeared to be a very out dated suit and hat, any way she comes running back to the bedroom to get me and tells me what she had seen . I get up and go in there to find the room empty, well she was physically shaking by the ordeal and taking our past history into account , I ask her if she wants to move out. She replied no we put a lot of money and work into this place and we were going to stay it was them that had to leave.

I'll say it again I am going to add quite a bit of story on this page because page (3) three is loaded with pics and it will take awhile to load so you might want to click the link and have it open in a new window!Page 3 will open in a new window.

Six or seven monthes go by with nothing unusual happening then we come in from fishing at a local lake one night and I get upset with her, we argue a few words then go to bed . We are in bed only a few minutes when we hear a loud boom, it sounded like a shotgun going off in the livingroom, I grab my pistol and run in there to find a twenty pound hepa air filtering machine smashed on the floor . Now I know that's not my mind doing this, now I know what is doing it though we have a poltergeist living with us. I am no longer the least bit scared of this thing by now, I figured if it was going to hurt us it would of done so by now. Furious over losing a hundred and fifty-nine dollar air cleaner , I start yelling " get out of my house now" then I said " I thought it was cute when you would move things to get our attention but now your costing me a hell of a lot of money . If you need to break things to get attention stick to the less exspencive junk around the house". Well I guess it was impressed by what I had said because that was the last thing to get moved out of place in that house , now it found a new way to pester us.

A short time after that incident we went out and bought a rebuilt mattress,the first night of sleeping on we

woke up in a pool of water. Ok I think to myself some idiot put water ballons in it before they recovered it, I can take a practical joke. The next night we again wake up in a pool of water this time though it burned our skin when it touched us . The next day I call the manufacturer I bought it from and ask him what is going on here, he assurred me there were no water ballons in there ,not satisfied with that I make small slits along the sides so I can have a peek for myself, nothing in there but springs and stuffing. The third nite the same thing happens, by now I have had all of this I am going to take, I demand this thing to either get out of my house or to show its self and talk with me over why it is doing this to us. Well I guess he opted to leave because that was the last incident with the bed.

It would be a few months later before I encounter anything else unusual . I went to work part time delivering pizzas, every night I worked there I thought I would see someone out of the corner of my eye in the seat next to me. One night I heard this voice next to me say " Ron be carefull your going to be robbed" . Well I get to the end of my shift and nothing had happened so I thought it was just my imagination . The next day I come home take a shower and get ready to deliver pizzas, I get out of the shower and I can't find my belt, I just had it on before showering , I go to get my other belt and I can't find it either, but there is a piece of rope hanging there instead . I tie this rope around the first two loops of my pants and it knots up, I figure I would have time to fix it later. I get on to work and the first delivery I went on I got robbed by six guys with pipes . They hog tie me and procede to beat me, I lay there playing dead and I hear one say pull down his pants I want to get me some of that ,then I hear one say I can't he has a rope tied in a knot and it won't come undone. When these guys are finally caught I find out the one that wanted to rape me was HIV positive. Now that must of been a guardian angel that helped me that day , anyway I thank God for the way it turned out.

My next encounter would come on january 13,1996 at around 6:oopm it had been cold all week with a high temperature of eighteen degrees fahrenhiet for the week. Our pipes had froze and I was thawing them out with a propane torch, after I finished thawing the ones in the garage I heard this whisper say "You just caught your house on fire". At the time I just ignored it, but today if I was to hear something like that I would definately look into it, about three hours go by and the lights in the kitchen start to flicker then the cable on the T.V. goes out I walk into the kitchen and see the garage full of smoke, I tell Teri to get out of the house that is was on fire. I try to call 911 but the phone was dead . We get out and I use the cell phone to call the fire department then I run back in to gather what belongings I could while waiting for help to arrive . I go in three times and the last time I am in there the electric goes off and the house is full of smoke, well I can't see , I'm lost and gasping for air. I fall to the ground thinking this would be the end of my life when I hear a voice saying "Don't do this to me it's not your time ". Here I am gasping and exhausted crawling around looking for the way out when I hear this voice again saying " Follow my voice I will get you out, don't give up I love you". After that all I could hear was" follow me" and " this way", I followed the voice to the door and made it out of what could of easily been my death bed . At the time I didn't reveal that to anyone for fear of being thought of as a nut , but today I know it was again my guardian angel or my deceased Mother whom I was very close to,she had only been gone now for five months.


The next day we move into one of my vacant rental units , the house was a total loss and we had to start our lives over at this point. We lived in our new house with nothing unusual happening at first ,then one day in the early evenning I am driving to a small town about fifty miles away to look at some property that the owner wants me to manage. Some how I get lost ,it gets dark and I decide I had better try and find my way home.I am driving down this old two lane highway when I see this man standing in the middle of the road . I slam on my breaks and stop just as I run into him ,I proceed to open my door when I hear his voice say "Hi I'm Mike" well somewhat confused because what I heard came from my right side I turn around and see this young man in his early twenties sitting in the passenger seat. Cold chills rush thru my my body from head to toe and my hairs are literaly standing on end , I am scared at this point , then he says " Ron don't be afraid I'm not going to hurt you". I just look at him and ask how do you know my name? His reply was "Because I'm dead" even more confused and scared I ask him " how did I die"? With that he cleared up the confusion telling me he was the one that was dead not me , well I must say that I was a little relieved but still why was he in my car . I ask him what he wants and he said he could hear my thoughts from a long ways off and just wanted to know who it was that he was hearing , after that he must of known how scared I was because he just vanished as quick as he appeard . I lock the doors and start driving down the road again when I hear him again as I was approaching a sharp turn with him stating "this is where I died I ran into that tree". The tree definately had some old damage on it that looked like may be a car had crashed into it at some point in time . There I am driving and looking around the car trying to find him, then I look in my rearview mirror and spot him in the back seat , I turn around to tell him to get out but he's gone. I look in my mirror again and see him one more time , I turn around and he's not there , look back in the mirror and see him again , ok I've had enough of this I just start yelling "get out of my car now and leave me the hell alone". That done the trick , so I thought , I drive ahead about five miles and as I approach a cemetary he again returns this time saying "This is where they laid my body to rest".

That was it ! I went from scared half to death to being mad as hell , why was he doing this to me , I am not going to take it anymore ! I stop the car , slam the gear shifter into park and tell him " if this is where you belong get the hell out of my car and leave me alone , I comand you to leave now". I don't know if it was my anger or what I had said but he disapeared and I seen this ball of light take off across the cemetary at a high rate of speed .

Needless to say I was relieved a great deal , I restarted the car and start on my way asking myself why me , why do these things happen to me? It will be a few more years before I get my answer to that question and without saying , it was a simple one to say the least .

My Wife Get's Pregnant

We had been in our new house now for a few monthes when one april evenning I was making love to Teri when I heard two distinct whispers. One asked "Did he pregnate her" and the other one answered "Yes". At the time I didn't think much of it but about a monthe and a half later I again hear a voice telling me that Terri was pregnant to take her to the doctor . I ask Teri when her last period was and she looked at me and said " it's been too long ago , I think I'm pregnant". I tell her I had a feeling that she was pregnant so we buy a home pregnancy test kit and it tested positive. The next day we schedual a doctors appointment to confirm it and to our delight our dreams had finally come true we were going to be parents finally after fifteen years of trying.

It was after Teri got pregnant the activity around me really started to pick up, she said that on several occasions that I would hit her in my sleep , I mean try to really hurt her , she would try to wake me up but couldn't .On one occassion I had bloodied her nose in my sleep and the next morning all I could remember was a dream I had about fighting with aliens and winning.

Well with the thought of hurting Teri while I slept I began sleeping in my office or the living room away from her, with my doing this I was bridging the gap between us even further making myself feel like I was all alone in this world.

One evening I went to work on one of my vacant units that the owner had just purchased from the state as a result of an estate probate settlement . The owner had passed away about sixteen monthes earlier an elderly lady that lived alone and the relatives could not be located . I started off preparing the walls to paint when I heard this elderly lady crying , I walked outside to have a look around but I couldn't hear her out there . I went back in and heard her again this time I turned off my radio and walked around the house searching for her voice I get in the hallway and noticed that's where it was the loudest . I look up and see the attic door , I pull it down and the crying stops , now with my previous experiance of knowing that when I hear someone and can't see them it has to be a spirit.

I climb up the steps to the attic and notice it is full of clothes , nicknacks and pictures , upon seeing this I think to myself , well I might find a few things to keep and donate the rest to charity . Right after that thought I heard her crying again . Now having experiance with this sort of thing I say to her "Can you hear me ? I can hear you crying". With that she answered " You can hear me" , I could fill the hairs on my body stand on end and cold chills shoot through my body. I answered back to her yes I can hear you , she told me her name and said that her grand son would be arriving soon not to give her things to anyone but him . I asked her her grandsons name and she told me , she said that she was waiting on his return that she hadn't seen him since he was four years old. She told me to look in this one box containing pictures she wanted to show me a picture of him.

I guess I talked to her about an hour before I got bored and she sensed this because she said she knew I had work to do and that I should do it as her grandson would be by soon . Before I left her I promised her I would turn her things over to her grandson if he arrived , she reassurred me that he would . Well I worked on this house about two weeks before I had it ready to rent . I took applications on it for three days and her grandsons name wasn't on any of them , well I couldn't wait any longer , I had to rent this unit out so I picked up the best applicant to give him a call . As I picked up the phone I didn't hear a dial tone so I say "Hello" and the person on th other end wants to know if the house is still available to rent . I tell them no and he said that was too bad that he drove by it and thought that it was his grandmothers old house . I ask his name and sure enough it was her grandson . Now cold chills come over me and I tell him that I found his name on some papers and some of his grandmothers things were in the attic . I ask him if he would like to pick them up , he asked why his grandmother sold the house without taking everything and I told him that she had passed away .

He couldn't understand why he wasn't contacted but I told him I knew nothing about it but would arrange to meet him there to pick up the rest of her belongings. Upon meeting him he had his wife and two sons with him , we go into the house and I hear the old lady say "See I told you he would arrive". Now he couldn't hear her but I could and she asked me if I was going to let him live there . Well I don't know what came over me but it just seemed like the right thing to do to let him live there close to her even though he had no ideal that she was still there. I figured this way she could be close to her family even though they couldn't hear or see her but the deceased like to watch over the living despite of that . Now this guy didn't have a job or all of the rent because he had car trouble moving from out of state but the old lady reassurred me he was good for it .Now that was a chance I would have to take , I paid the rest of the rent for him and he paid me back within two months and he was never late with his rent . You see not all my experiances are unpleasant ones but read on most of them are.

When Teri was about six monthes pregnant we took birthing classes together, I thought by doing this it would bring us closer together,but it didn't. The changes she was going through and my depression was just too much for me to handle at this time so I turned to alcohal for comfort and kept to myself most of the time..Christmas had come and gone and all I could think of was how much I missed my Mom, she had been gone a year and a half now.

As Teri's pregnancy got closer to the due date I was feeling like a neglected child, the communication we once had that kept us close to one and other over the years was gone , my life seemed to be taking a turn for the worse. It was the middle of january 1997 when Teri went into labor , luckily I was at home in my office at the time. We went to the birthing center and got her checked in , we were there for five hours when I decided that I couldn't take it any more without something to drink. I called one of my sisters to come up there to keep her company while I went to get something to calm me down. Well while I was at the bar up the road I told some rough looking guy I had met what was going on and he said I was in for a long night that he had something to help me stay awake, he handed me a little bag with a white substance in it. I looked at him and told him that I didn't do drugs and he reasured me that they were harmless, What a fool I was for listening to that guy, fore that was the beginnig of my own personal passage to hell.

Teri was in labor for eighteen hours when she finally gave birth to the most beautiful little girl I had ever laid my eyes on.By this time I was glad that I had excepted that little bit of cocaine from that guy , I thought at the time that my depression was cured in just one dose. After the baby was born Terri and I were close again for about two months , that's when the drug use started to show on me. I was doing more and more coke , my exscuse for it was our daughter was a colic baby. My depression was back , I was irratable , my business started to suffer and our love life was nil.When I realized what a stupid mistake I had made with drugs it was too late , every time was the last time I would tell myself , well there is always the next time to make it the last time , when it comes to quitting drugs.

By the time the baby was six months old I was in so much pain , again I felt neglected by the lack of attention from Teri , she suspected I was on drugs all the time. Over the next couple of months I watch her move her things out of the house one or two things at a time , she thought that way I wouldn't take notice over what she was doing. Finally in september I asked her if she was planning on leaving me , she said yes , I told her she might as well because the only thing left was the baby bed and a few of her clothes and I helped her move the rest of the way out.

With Teri and my daughter gone I had no will left in me , I was so heart broke I realized I had to get off this drug , I laid in bed and went to sleep and every time I would wake up I would take a sleeping pill to put me back to sleep. This went on for about a week, well after I felt that all the drugs were out of my system I started putting my life back together again . Three weeks go by without any alcohal or drugs and I figure it's time to get my wife and baby back home where they belong. I go to talk to Teri to tell her that I was getting my life back together and I wanted them to come home with me.Teri really shocked me with what she had to say , she didn't remember me being at the hospital when the baby was born all she could remember was bad things about me. Well Teri refused to come home with me telling me she wanted to make sure I was off drugs and remained off them, she told me if I remained drug free for another three months she would return home with the baby.

With Teri still gone I thought that it would be in my best intrest to go and live with my Dad for awhile to keep myself off drugs and alcohal and to keep him company , so over the weekend I go ahead and move my belongings over to Dads house and get settled in there.


Three months go by and I stayed drug free , I go to talk to Teri and ask her to come home again , again she refused. This time I was devestated I felt a feeling of hate towards her that I have never felt before , and I never want to exsperience it again , then I felt my heart fall to pieces. I go home and start crying for about two hours untill I fall asleep. At around 2:30 am I awaken thinking about her and cry some more , then at about 3:00am I hear this strange noise outside my bedroom window , the only way I know how to describe it is it was a cross between a bullfrog and a horse. I open the window to look out at what I was hearing and there was this awful disgusting smell of some type of wild animal , a cross between a rhino and an elephant. The best way I can describe it is if you ever went to the pachaderm house at the zoo it resembled the stinch you would smell there!  I never did actually see anything at the time but that smell seemed to linger on for days!


I was not prepared for what happened next , I heard that strange sound then something spoke to me trying to get me to kill myself , I mind you I was not suicidal nor on drugs at the time , he said his name was Steve and he was a friend from way back and I should kill myself and join him because I was dying of a broken heart anyway , then he let out that strange sound and that's when I found out that the smell I was smelling was his breath. I tell you for some strange reason I didn't feel afraid , I felt at peace   with this thing , I just couldn't figure out why. Steve talked to me trying over and over to get me to kill myself and I refused to. Well now the past events in my life had opened up a door to the other side at times, but for some reason this time it wouldn't shut. We talked that first night for three hours, Steve seemed to know everything about me and I was irratated by that , this first encounter with him, he knew every event that had taken place in my life and that left me wondering what all this was about.

Was Steve what we refer to as satan?   Was he a demon of somekind ?  Why did he use every thing I know and believed in against me? Was this something to do with religion ? I had so many unanswered questions that I wanted answers to ,well I have my answers now, but you will have to keep reading to find them .Steve was the most powerful spirit I had ever come across if he didn't like what he was looking at it dissapeared while he was around , now that was suppose to scare me I guess but it didn't I was mainly concerned if I was going to get it back when he left. Steve would only talk about my death that first night trying to get me to join him . Still my main concern was,was this saten after my soul? Well if it was I wasn't giving it up that easily , not without a fight. Now I'm not a church going person but I do have my spiritual beliefs and that is why I am here today to write about these strange events that take place in my every day life. I have found that the key to all of this is belief , if a person possesses the power of belief then he has the power to turn things around in every day life.


Steve came by the next night I don't remember the time exactly, it could of been around three in the morning I just don't remember the exact time, though I know it was late.The second time he visited I had a writing pad and pen and was writing down what I was saying to them and I remember someone reading it as I wrote, then I guess he had got tired of that or didn't like it because he told me to quit talking out loud that we could talk mentally , well that's how we talked from then on.On this second visit he had what seemed like a whole army of spirits with him, I could actually feel the energy they were putting off, they were moving things around my room teasing me. I have a hot wheels collection and they had them all flying around my room, sometimes stopping them right in front of my nose going vroom vroom then laughing at me.It looked like a scene out out of a horror film , this time I was getting scared but I tried my best not to show it. As I look back on this night it seems comical to me now with all that was going on in my room ,but it didn't at the time because I was scared thinking that they had come to steal my soul or at least scare it out of me !

The second night is where I learned about belief , Steve had me believing I could move things around the room my own self just by believing I could. I started off with a small pencil then tried one of my hotwheel cars,before too long I was moving anything I wanted to just by thinking about it. I know now that this was a lesson he wanted me to learn in order to fight with one of them at a later date.

I guess I was getting use to the smell because it didn't bother me as much this time , it didn't seem to smell as bad as the night before , I wondered to myself was this because I was becoming one of them? Well I do remember getting hungry the second night and they got upset because I wanted to go down stairs to get something to eat , and we argued over that untill I lost my appetite so I remained in my room still wondering how they planned on killing me to get to my soul.

What did I do to deserve this I kept asking myself, was this connected to my former drug use? I knew I didn't have a nervouse break down because the way things were unfolding , all the objects that would fly around the room and the smell I was smelling , that couldn't be a halucination I was having , not two nights in a row and wide awake.

Steve talked to me all through the the night and for some reason I started confessing every sin I had ever commited to him but before I was through confessing it was sunrise and that meant time for them to leave , I was relieved to see them go again.

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